1. Rosewood Etergere, 92in Tall, X 58in Wide, With White Marble
  2. Walnut Victorian Cylinder Roll Secretary, 52in Tall X 50in Wide
  3. French Marble Top Demuline Inlaided Chest With Fitter Interior, 34in Tall X 54in Wide
  4. Leather Tufted Chesterfield Soda, 90in Wide, 36in Tall X 90in Wide
  5. Heavily Carved English Oak Sideboard With Ram Head And Carved Figures, 87in Tall, 58in Wide
  6. English Style 2-Piece Bookcase, 96in Tall, 47in Wide
  7. Heavily Carved Oak Side Board, 102in Wide, 56in Tall With Carved Figures
  8. Heavily Carved English Oak Bookcase With Carved Game, 55in Wide, 95in Tall
  9. Victorian Bookcase, 112in Tall, 60in Wide
  10. Mahogany Chevelle Mirrow With Claw Feet, 69in Tall, 32in Wide
  11. Double Pedestal Mahogany Banquet Table, 126in Long, Opened With 2 20in Leaves And Twelve Inlaid Chairs
  12. 10ft X 20ft Karastan Rug, Sample Of Many Rugs
  13. Sample Of Hand Made Persian Rugs
  14. Oak Globe Warnicke Staock Bookcases, 71in Tall, 17in Wide, 4 Sections
  15. Mahogany Sideboard With Brass Gallery, 85in Wide, 47in Tall
  16. Mahogany Inlaid Pier Table, 35in Tall, 43in Wide
  17. Fine Leaded Glass Lamps With Bronze Base, Susse Lamp Company, 20in Shade
  18. Fine Leaded Glass Lamps With Bronze Base, Unique Lamp Company, 18in Shade
  19. Iron And Brass Planter With Heads
  20. Round Inlaid Game Table, 44in Wide
  21. Pair Of Carved Armchairs
  22. Sample Of Fine Gold, Gilded Frame, 59in Tall, 44in Wide
  23. Sample Of Frames, 38in Tall, 51in Wide
  24. Victrola, The Best, 48in Tall, 23in Wide
  25. Matching Pair Of Custom Made Inlaid French Tables, 34in Tall, 24in Diameter
  26. Mahogany Silver Chest, Approx. 144 Pieces, Chantilly Pattern, Gorham Sterling Silver
  27. Reed And Barton Sterling Silver, Approx. 50 Pieces
  28. Ladies Rolex, Stainless And Gold, Complete With Box And Original Papers
  29. 2010 Gold Games, Ultra Gold Eagle, Set 5 Dollars, 10 Dollars, 25 Dollars, And 50 Dollars, With Box And Papers
  30. United States Mint 50 Dollar, Uncirculated, One Ounce Proof, Gold Piece With Box And Paper
  31. 1881 10 Dollar Gold Piece
  32. Pair Of Gold And Diamond Earrings
  33. Bronze Eagles On Marble
  34. Bronze Bear, 55in Tall, Life Size
  35. Bronze Lady Fountain, 62in Tall
  36. 2 Piece Cast Iron Garden Set Bench, 52in Wide
  37. Matching Pair Of Bronze Urns, 60in Tall, From Zachary, Louisiana Estate
  38. Matching Pair Of 2 Piece Iron Urns, 32in Tall
  39. Sample Of Mirrors, 52in X 40in
  40. Matching Pair Of Williams And Mary Leather Armchairs
  41. 3 Piece French Bronze And Onyx Clock Set
  42. Victorian Plated Epergn With Liners
  43. Early Victorian Sewing Cabinet With Fitted Interior, 32in Tall, 21in Wide
  44. Goat Wagon
  45. Large Bronze With Cupids On Stand
  46. Early Federal Petticoat Loveseat
  47. Large Gold Gilded Mirror, 79in Tall, 40in Wide
  48. Matching Pair Of French Fireside Chairs
  49. Antique French Bronze And Marble Clock, 31in Tall
  50. French Marble Top, Inlaid Commode With Fitted Interrior, 36in Tall And 46in Wide
  51. Matching Pair Of French Candalabras, 28in Tall
  52. French Gold Gilded Mirror, 54in Tall
  53. Early Federal Marble Top Window Table With Claw Feet, 39in
  54. Early Federal Mahogany Tilt Top Table, 40in
  55. Mid-Century Style Sofa With Gold Trim, 60in Wide
  56. Mid-Century Style Chair With Gold Trim
  57. Mid-Century Style Beveled Glass Coffee Table, 51in X 35in
  58. Barley Twist Game Table
  59. Set Of Federal His And Hers Walnut Chairs
  60. Queen Size Carved French Bed
  61. Heavily Carved, Banded Banquet Table, 116in
  62. French Style Marquetry Inlay Table
  63. Beautiful Leaded Glass Tiffany Style Lamp
  64. Pair Of Cloisonne Vases
  65. Sample Of Porcelain, Mantle Clock
  66. Cut Glass Punch Bowl On Stand With 12 Cups
  67. Pair Of Matching 3-Tier Burled Walnut Pastry Carts
  68. Pair Of Victorian Side Chairs
  69. Sample Of Leaded Glass Lamp
  70. Bronze On Marble Base, Blind Justice, 40in Tall
  71. Bronze On Marble Base, Mercury, 35in Tall
  72. Sample Of Bronzes
  73. Sample Of Bronzes
  74. Early Silver Plate Dome And Tray
  75. Ornate Porcelain Lamp
  76. Pair Of Bronze Figural Planters, 30in Tall
  77. Bronze Cherub On Marble Base, 28in Tall
  78. Sample Of Bronzes
  79. Bronze On Marble, 22in Tall
  80. Bronze Cranes, 74in Tall
  81. Sample Of Bronzes
  82. Sample Of Stained Glass Windows
  83. Ebonized Stand With Carved Griffins
  84. Sample Of Floblue Planters
  85. Pair Of Carved Mahogany Chairs
  86. Oak Carved Sideboard With Beveled Mirror And Claw Feet
  87. Carved French Love Seat
  88. Matching Pair Of Mahogany Commodes
  89. Walnut Marble Top Stand
  90. Mahogany Corner Cabinet With Beveled Glass
  91. Large Stained Glass Window
  92. Large Oak Drop Leaf Table With Carved Legs And Stretcher Base, 72in X 36in
  93. Mahogany Tea Caddy
  94. Walnut Foot Stool
  95. Mahogany Nesting Tables
  96. Mahogany Tilt Top Breakfast Table With Brass Feet
  97. Sample Of Chandeliers
  98. Sample Of Chandeliers
  99. Sample Of Chandeliers
  100. Sample Of Chandeliers
  101. Sample Of Chandeliers
  102. Sample Of Chandeliers
  103. Sample Of Bronzes
  104. Sample Of Bronzes
  105. Pair Of Mid-Century Oversized Chairs
  106. Super Sorapi 8ft 11in X 11ft 7in
  107. Handmade Tabriz Woold Rug, 9ft 7in X 14ft
  108. Handmade Tabriz Woold Rug, 9ft 9in X 16ft
  109. Handmade Heriz Woold Rug, 9ft 7in X 12ft 6in
  110. Handmade Persian Rug, 12ft 9in X 9ft 8in
  111. Handmade Tabriz Persian Rug, 8ft 10in X 11ft
  112. Handmade Persian Rug, 7ft 10in X 11ft 7in
  113. Handmade Bakara Rug, 7ft 6in X 11ft 6in
  114. Handmade Serapi Wool Rug, 8ft X 10ft
  115. Persian Heriz Rug, 9ft 5in X 12ft 6in
  116. Mashad Rug, 9ft 6in X 11ft
  117. Persian Rug, 8ft 6in X 12ft 2in
  118. Antique Kilim Rug, 7ft 6in 10ft 11in
  119. Persian Rug, 9ft 6in X 13ft 3in
  120. Tabriz Persian Rug, 8ft 10in X 12ft 1in
  121. Antique Karajah Persian Rug, 3ft 2in X 11ft 3in
  122. Persian Rug, Heriz, 5ft 3in X 6ft
  123. Persian Karajah Rug, 3ft 3in X 10ft
  124. Royal Jahan, 2ft 8in X 11ft 7in
  125. Uzbek Kazak Runner, 2ft 7in X 15ft 10in
  126. Tufted Wool Rug, 2ft 3in X 7ft 6in
  127. Antique Kilim Wool Rug, 6ft 8in X 13ft 10in
  128. French Carved Sofa, 82in Wide
  129. Antique Inlaid Corner Cabinet, 82in Tall, 37in Wide
  130. Executive Desk, 72in X 40in, Solid Mahogany
  131. Beautiful Buffet
  132. 2 Piece Vintage Garden Benches
  133. Large Burled Victorian Cylinder Roll Desk
  134. 8ft 1in X 11ft 9in Antique Oushak Rug
  135. Antique Stone Washed Kerman, 9ft 9in X 13ft 5in
  136. Antique Heriz 10ft X 12ft 5in
  137. Fine Vintage Abussan, 10ft X 14ft
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