1. Early coffee grinder, Enterprise Manf. Co, dated 1892, approx 20in
  2. Early coffee grinder, Leinbrock's Ideal, DRGM, 2x, 18in
  3. Early coffee box, 31in tall, 21in wide, Pittsburg, PA, Dayton Spice Mill Co
  4. Sample of crocks b-sting, 16in
  5. Sample of crocks b-sting, 16in
  6. Civil war artillery powder press box, 20in tall 7in dia.
  7. Metal coffee box, 18in x 18in
  8. Daisy churns
  9. Early sugar buckets, 15in and 10in
  10. Early swirds (3)
  11. Brass buckets, approx 15pc
  12. Antique door stops
  13. Wall ahnger, 24in antique
  14. Early doll chair, 17in tall
  15. Early scales
  16. Sample of early baskets, approx 18in
  17. Smalls
  18. Edison phonograph, great condition (no horn)
  19. Pair miniature 9in oil lamps
  20. Early oil on canvas, dated 1875 and signed, 16x18in
  21. Great painting dated and signed, 17x27in
  22. Painting (Souther) signed 16x20
  23. Painting signed and dated, 1917, 20x26in
  24. Early painting, 27x38in
  25. Early painting, signed 21x32in
  26. Early shaker chairs
  27. Early winder chairs
  28. Early hitchcock bench, 32in tall, 54in wide
  29. Early southern pine blanket chest, 25in tall, 50in wide
  30. Rare oyster shucking table (antique) 54x44 open, 10in wide closed
  31. Early blanket chest, 23in tall, 56in wide
  32. Stick and ball, 48x58in
  33. Early blanket chest, 23in tall, 38in wide
  34. Southern pine linen press 2pc, 73in tall 50in wide
  35. Carved federal sideboard 92in wide
  36. Unusual bamboo ladies desk, horner bros, 54in tall, 32in wide
  37. Carved oak sq. table with 4 spindle back chairs
  38. Inlaid satin wood and rosewood dressed with bronze mounts, 73in tall, 54in wide, matching chest, 40x54, attibuted to Horner
  39. Ball and claw mahogany china cabinet, 83in tall, 54in wide, antique- Broken arch top
  40. The best set of 6 carved mahogany chairs
  41. Sample of oriental rugs
  42. Sample of chairs
  43. Vernice martin style torshere with blown-out sides and bronze mounts, 40in tall, 12in sq.
  44. Early federal secretary 68in tall, 41in wide
  45. Mahogany federal chest, 42in tall, 43in wide
  46. Set of 6 mahogany shield back chairs
  47. 8ft2in x 10ft8in hand made oriental rug, Oushak
  48. Mahogany sideboard, 45in tall 72in wide
  49. Inlaid lift top sofa table, 60in wide
  50. Sample of lamps
  51. Unusual cedar churn, 21in
  52. 5pc early plated tea set James Dixon and sons, 1842-1851
  53. Sample of early baskets
  54. Sample of smalls
  55. Sample of smalls
  56. Collection of buttons and collection of marbles
  57. Original oak wall telephone
  58. Smalls
  59. Smalls
  60. Sample of miniature lamps
  61. Sample of antique copper
  62. Sample of smalls
  63. Large collection brass candle sticks, some Poshups
  64. Sample of iron, some Griswold
  65. Sample of iron
  66. Sample of iron
  67. Early Wilcox and Gibbs sewing machine, dated 1871
  68. Sample of iron, some Wagner and Griswold
  69. Early bread box
  70. Early smalls
  71. Early smalls
  72. Sample of rugs, 4 x 8.5ft
  73. Sample of rugs, 3.5ft x 8.5in